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Breast Reduction

What is breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction (mammoplasty) surgery involves removal of breast tissue and skin to decrease the size of the breast. Then, the breasts are re-shaped to make them smaller. Plastic surgery may need to be used to reposition the nipple so it is in line with the middle of the upper arm.

Benefits of breast reduction

Women with naturally larger breasts often suffer from pains in their neck, back and shoulders – a breast reduction can significantly alleviate this discomfort. Breast reductions can also correct uneven sized breasts but are also an option for women who would just prefer smaller, perter breasts.

Details of the procedure

The purpose of reduction mammoplasty is the removal of tissue and skin from the breast which is then re-shaped to make the breast smaller. Sometimes the nipple may also need to be repositioned so it is in line with the middle of the upper arm.

Feeling good about your breasts can have a big impact on your confidence. We can help you achieve the proportions you want.

Before and after breast reduction

Some people may find it difficult to visualise the positive impact breast reduction surgery can have on their body. Transform has a selection of breast reduction before and after pictures available so you can see some of the results of our plastic surgery.

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