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Mega/Giga Session Hair Transplant

One of the targets of the physicians had been increasing the number of hair that can be transplanted in one session. The number of grafts that could be implanted in one session did not exceed 800-1000 grafts about 8-10 years ago. But these numbers were not satisfactory for patients who needed treatment for progressed stages of balding such as Type 5,6,7 balding.

When Megasession was developed first, transplantation of above 1500 grafts in one session was accepted as a megasession. Nowadays, it is possible to transplant above 3000, even 4500-5000 grafts in a single session.

Definitely, the number of grafts that can be removed depends on the number of grafts on one centimetersquare of the donour site. For a hair tissue with approximately 100 grafts per cm2, the number of grafts that can be received from a 1cm×30cm flap is about 3000, and 4500 from a 1.5cm×30cm flap.

These embedded hair roots will give rise to new hair from this scarline giving scar less appearance to strip method

Naturally it is very difficult to successfully implant 4000-4500 grafts in one session. In order to implant that large number of grafts sucessfully, a very good technical hardware, sufficient number of staff and accurate timing are required. It must be noted that 4 to 6 hours is sufficient for implanting 1500 grafts where on the other hand, 12 to 15 hours is needed to implant 4500 grafts. For this reason, in order to perform megasession periods, donour site should have sufficient number of grafts and all the other conditions of the candidate must be proper, and sufficient number of assistant personnel to complete the transplantation in the shortest time possible and a good timing schedule are required.

We are routinely performing giga sessions (more than 3000 grafts) as we have a big profession team.

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